About Us

Rev. Joab Powell founded Salem Church 189 years ago in 1826 along the old Santa Fe and Oregon Trails just about 12 miles from Fort Osage. Early church members were not only “Bible-toting” but also “musket-toting” worshippers.

In 1834 our church helped form the Blue River–Kansas City Baptist Association. Salem church added “New” to its name in 1845 and moved to its present location. On the old signboard the slogan “Travelers, stop with us” encouraged travelers along the trails to find shelter and comfort with the church.

Even though at the beginning of the Civil War, our members were forced to leave Jackson County due the infamous Order Number 11, the building suffered damages from skirmishes and was used as a temporary hospital for the wounded on both sides. The present building was begun in 1846 and then expanded in 1963.

Our congregation is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 18-20) locally by glorifying God in service through various ministries to our community and globally to our world through cooperation with the mission of the Southern Baptist Convention. As a body of baptized believers our purpose is fourfold.

Worshiping:  Acknowledging God’s past actions on behalf of His people, celebrating His attributes and current provision, and expressing a future hope grounded in His faithfulness.

Evangelizing:  Proclaiming the Good News of what God has done through Jesus Christ for the salvation of mankind.

Discipling:  Leading the body, through the study of the Bible, God’s Word, to grow into disciples who make disciples.

Serving:  Responding in love to the needs of the people of our community and the world in Jesus’ name.