Legacy RePlant Center


The Fort Osage Legacy Church Planting Center exists to develop leaders and coach churches through replant and revitalization processes so that dying churches will experience new life and continue to transform their communities by glorifying God through the proclamation and demonstration of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Training Legacy Church Planting Leaders

The Center possesses two main purposes. The first is to develop and train leaders who help declining and dying churches implement fresh and necessary revitalization practices in order to cultivate new life in the congregation and to transform the community with the Gospel.

A foundational component of the center is a comprehensive internship program. The intern program will provide God-called individuals who are actively seeking training in ministry the opportunity to acquire first-hand experience in serving in a local church context. Under the supervision of practitioners who have recent experience in replanting dying churches interns will learn and participate in the multi-faceted responsibilities of Christ-centered servant leadership in transitional congregations. Interns will benefit from group learning cohorts as well as structured individualized one-on-one coaching. The intern will be provided with the tools and coaching needed to replant a dying church and see it become a gospel-centered, missionally-driven and contextually-relevant church, all for God’s glory.

An application process is required for the internship program. For those who qualify, two types of internships are offered: 1) short-term semester-long internships and 2) an intensive 12-month resident internship. For those interested in more information about the internship, or to apply, please email pastor@newsalembc.net.

Coaching Legacy Church Planting

When churches are struggling they are forced to make difficult choices. The second purpose of the Fort Osage Legacy Church Planting Center is to provide a pathway to life and hope for these declining and dying churches. Through its internship program, the center can help develop competent and equipped pastors and leaders to revitalize and replant these churches in order that they might flourish in their context in a way that results in new disciples who follow the Great Commission (Matthew 18:18-20) in making disciples and transforming their communities for Christ.

Several strategies are available to help dying or declining churches to continue to contribute to God’s Kingdom growth. The Center can come alongside of a church to help determine which of the approaches are appropriate for their need and circumstances. Plans such as Legacy Partnerships, Legacy Provision, and Legacy Plants are available. The ultimate goal is to see the Kingdom expand and not contract, to retool the church in such a way that it connects to its community and experiences health and growth once again.

The Fort Osage Legacy Church Planting Center is a ministry of New Salem Baptist Church.